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One thing we have learnt at Inspired Leaders is that our leadership guests are never predictable and this proved to be the case with the latest Leadership Surgery.

Set at the beautiful Fairlawns Hotel our CEO Andy Rigg set the scene.

He stated that 2007 has started with much negativity and crime, with doubts on the country’s ability to stage the World Cup and with new incidents of fraud and corruption – so with this in mind is South Africa still a land of hope and glory.

This probes the real question is it producing inspirational and positive leadership amongst its masses, capable of leading it to preeminence on the world stage.


Our first leader, Peter Ndoro, the face of SABC and MNET and a TV producer, spends much of his life either at the heart of everyday news or facilitating events for the corporate world. A somewhat reluctant speaker, surprising for a media guru but a true reflection of his humility and warmth. Peter was honest, direct and passionate in his views. He plotted his way through the story of his life which culminated in a compelling explanation that leadership in South Africa has a bigger opportunity than ever before.

Peter’s life reflects some key lessons which we believe would serve all leaders well at whatever level.

  • Be yourself and trust what your heart is telling you!
  • Decide what you are! What are you good at and what do you like doing? There is more chance you will succeed if you do!!
  • In times of such opportunity focus, focus, focus! A familiar story amongst all our leadership guests to date. You are better doing things with 100% effort rather than 100 things with 1% effort.
  • Deliver “quality” with enthusiasm. This is a big point DELIVER! And gain a reputation for brilliant execution.
  • The words and music must match; in life you must mirror your actions in the words that you speak.

Peter has followed his heart and does absolutely what he loves doing which is making a difference to people. He is infectious and people want to be around him. Peter thank you for letting us into your life.


Taddy Blecher is an extraordinary man of our times and followed Peter with an account of his unbelievable story. He is completely compelling and it is easy to understand why his personal friends include Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and the Dalai Lama.

Taddy is a walking example of the “New South Africa”. A man who simply ignites passion in his audience as he shares his vision and beliefs.

His achievements are incredible and he now boasts that his graduates who have been through his free university have a combined earning power of R144 M rand.

He stressed that it has taken courage when times were very difficult to make him really appreciate the good times. He now wins awards the world over and is celebrated as one of South Africa’s greatest hopes.

It goes without saying therefore that he is a huge believer in the future and is more than confident we will see continued growth and prosperity in South Africa.

His whole philosophy is built around some interesting techniques including the use of meditation, a skill he uses with all his students. Two such students presented to the captivated audience, the passion and ability to speak in front of 65 people with such confidence suggests something is working right.

Taddy we salute you; we salute your complete commitment to creating tomorrow’s leaders and for your embodiment of brilliant and captivating leadership.


I truly believe Inspired Leaders Network was in the presence of greatness.

So what were the big lessons to be learnt from this event:

  • Believe and never give in
  • Stay focused
  • You have a better chance of success if you do what you love
  • Dare to be different in trying things!

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