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by Lyndie Visser
22 APR 08

In today’s frenetic world where would we be without the web? We use it in our homes, businesses, schools and in everything we do. If you are not connected to the internet how do you survive in this internet invaded universe we are now a part of. There was a time when the Yellow Pages was our best way to find that ad agency, plumber or anything else for that matter – but that has definitely changed.

We were introduced to the World Wide Web and it took the world by storm with its vast list of activities and information including search engines, online shopping, blogs, facebook, online business-2-business, and loads of information on anything from politics to cults and religion.

How is this information managed and delivered in the most efficient and understandable way?  A way that we the layman can utilize timeously and to our best advantage? Who are the global movers and shakers of the web universe who sit and strategise, plan and provide us with the tools to use the web effectively and efficiently?

The leader of web is arguably without saying - Google. We are very proud and honoured to have Stafford Masie, who is responsible for building Google’s advertising and applications business in South Africa.  Stafford is also spearheading the Google Group’s expansion plans and the company’s strategic partnerships in the region.

“Google wants to help ensure that South Africans have greater access to information and that the business fraternity is able to make the most of the opportunities offered by the internet.” The company said in a statement.

So let us find out from an extremely inspiring man who will have you sitting on the edge of your seat with his captivating charisma and internet business savvy.  He will not only share with us his leadership lessons, but will also paint us a picture of where he sees Google South Africa heading in the future.


Date: 22nd April 2008

Time: 18:00

Venue: Hyatt Regency – Rosebank

For more details and to book your place email:

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